Again, the economy: Sambas and Nike Zooms on the sale rack.

There’s a little shop here in Boulder that my older brother and I used to frequent called Installation. However, ever since we both lost interest in the whole “street wear” style (for obvious reasons), I hadn’t set foot in there in a good long while. Color me crazy, but I just have no use for metallic/neon/gaudy kicks. Let alone, I don’t call my shoes “kicks.” Yesterday, though, I decided to see what “the kids” were into these days and popped my head into the shop.

The racks were stocked with the typical shoes I wouldn’t myself be caught dead in, but among the marked-down, I found a few gems. Had they not both been 50% off the original price, I would have easily passed. But when you find a pair of Sambas for $20 and a set of Zooms for $35, it’s hard not to justify the purchase. And, like I say, especially in this economy. Of course, if I were truly concerned about the economy, I would have refrained from the purchase altogether. But you know what? You only live once. And I want…things. So I will have…things.